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Глоссарий авиационных терминов

taildragger conventional gear;
turboprop1) An aircraft having a jet engine in which the energy of the jet operates a turbine that drives the propeller.
2) turbine propelled

turbine propelled;
twilight zoneLong before Rod Serling's tv series was this consumer-lever definition for a glitch in the ADCOCK RANGE, officially called a Bi-Signal Zone. It was a portion of the overlapping area of a beam where th...
ultralightAn aeronautical vehicle, operated for sport or recreational purposes, that does not require FAA registration, an airworthiness certificate, or pilot certification. Primarily single-occupant vehicles, ...
uncontrolled airspaceClass G Airspace; airspace not designated as Class A, B, C, D or E.
class g airspace;
undercarriage1) The landing gear of a land-based aircraft, including struts, frames, and wheels. A very British word that has limited use in the USA.
2) шасси

uc; ходовая часть бурового станка;
undershootTo land short of a runwway or planned landing spot. Opposite is OVERSHOOT.
unicom1) Universal Communication. A common radio frequency (usually 121.0 mHz) used at uncontrolled (non-tower) airports for local pilot communication.
2) universal integrated communication (system)

universal integrated communication (system);
upwashThe slight, upward flow of air just prior to its reaching the leading edge of a rapidly moving airfoil.
upwind turnLong a point of contest among pilots, there is in reality no such thing as far as the airplane is concerned. Proponents claim that airplanes lose air speed when turning upwind, while opponents (and th...
turbojet1) An aircraft having a jet engine in which the energy of the jet operates a turbine that in turn operates the air compressor.
2) турбореактивный двигатель

true north1) The northern direction of the axis of the Earth; aka "Map North." GEOGRAPHIC NORTH, as opposed to MAGNETIC NORTH.
2) истинный север
3) the direction of the geographical north pole.

географический север; tn;
true airspeedThe speed of an aircraft along its flight path, in respect to the body of air (air mass) through which the aircraft is moving. Also GROUND SPEED, INDICATED AIRSPEED.
calibrated airspeed; истинная воздушная скорость; устранение неисправностей;
tarmac1) A bituminous material used in paving; a trade name for Tar MacAdam.
2) An airport surface paved with this substance, especially a runway or an APRON at a hangar.

tasTrue Air Speed. Because an air speed indicator indicates true air speed only under standard sea-level conditions, true air speed is usually calculated by adjusting an Indicated Air speed according to ...
tca1) chromatic aberration or
2) transverse (lateral) chromatic aberration or lateral colour. colour fringes that worsen the further the image point is from the optical axis.

controlled airspace; class b; terminal control area; traffic control airport or tower control airport; chromatic aberration or;
terminal radar service area1) Airspace surrounding designated airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring, sequencing, and separation on a full-time basis for all IFR and participating VFR aircraft. Service provided at a TRSA...
tetrahedronGround-based, free-rotating, triangular-shaped wind direction indicator, generally placed near a runway, often lighted at major airports.
torqueA twisting, gyroscopic force acting in opposition to an axis of rotation, such as with a turning propeller; aka Torsion.
touch-and-go1) Landing practice in which an aircraft does not make a full stop after a landing, but proceeds immediately to another take-off.
2) an extremely narrow margin of safety or time (often used of a se...

tractor1) A propeller mounted in front of its engine, pulling an aircraft through the air, as opposed to a PUSHER configuration.
2) Powered vehicle for off-the-road hauling. May be mounted on crawler trac...

trailing edge1) The rearmost edge of an AIRFOIL.
2) задняя кромка

завершающий край; ted;
trikeNickname for a weight-shift-control aircraft, such as a paraglider.
useful loadThe weight of crew, passengers, fuel, baggage, and ballast, generally excluding emergency or portable equipment and ordnance.
vVelocity, now used in defining air speeds
va1) Maneuvering Speed (max structural speed for full control deflection)
2) Viterbi algorithm
3) valuation assumptions
4) value
5) variance analysis
6) video amplifier
7) visual aid
volare airlines; viterbi algorithm; valuation assumptions; value; variance analysis; video amplifier; visual aid; voltammeter; volt-ampere; visual accumulation; virginia;
ventral finA fin/rudder extension on the bottom of a fuselage. Opposite of DORSAL FIN.
venturi tubeA small, hourglass-shaped metal tube, usually set laterally on a fuselage in the slipstream to create suction for gyroscopic panel instruments. Now outdated by more sophisticated means.
vfr on topFlight in which a cloud ceiling exists but modified VISUAL FLIGHT RULES are in effect if the aircraft travels above the cloud layer.
vortac1) VOR + TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation); combined radio navigation aids.
2) co-located vor and

vor collocated with tacan; co-located vor and;
vsi1) Vertical Speed Indicator. A panel instrument that gauges rate of climb or descent in feet-per-minute (fpm). Also Rate Of Climb Indicator.
2) vertical speed indicator

vertical speed indicator;
wet compass COMPASS;
COMPASS1) compatible assembly system
2) navigational instrument showing the direction of the vessel in relation to the earth`s geographical poles or magnetic poles. commonly consists of a magnet aligned w...

wet compass; compatible assembly system; не только компас, но и объем, окружность, диапазон, циркуль.; буссоль; компас;
wingletA small, stabilizing, rudderlike addition to the tips of a wing to control or employ air movement.
yawOf the three axes in flight, this specifies the side-to-side movement of an aircraft on its vertical axis, as in skewing. Compare PITCH and ROLL.
vapor trail contrail;
vyseBest Rate of Climb Speed, one engine out
vyBest Rate of Climb Speed
vdMax Dive Speed (for certification only)
vfeMax Flaps Extended Speed
vleMax Landing Gear Extended Speed
vloMax Landing Gear Operation Speed
vneNever Exceed Speed
vnoMax Structural Cruising Speed
vs0Stalling Speed Landing Configuration
vs1Stalling Speed in a specified Configuration
vxBest Angle of Climb Speed
vxseBest Angle of Climb Speed, one engine out